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Center for Mammalian Genetics

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Important Notice: The Center for Epigenetics DNA Sequencing Core Facility has ceased opertions effective August 15, 2011. We recommend that DNA sequencing samples be sent to the UFL Interdisciplinary Center for Biochnology Research (ICBR)


DNA sequencing service is  available to all research groups within the Center for Mammaliam Genetics (CMG). The sequencing facilities  comprises of  ABI Prism 377XL and 3130XL Automated DNA Sequencers.


CMG DNA sequencing facilities provide the following services


Use the following protocols for DNA sequencing:

DNA Sequencers

 The ABI PRISM 377XL and 3130XLautomated DNA sequencer will automatically analyse DNA molecules labelled with any of four different fluorescent dyes. After samples are loaded onto the system's vertical gel system, they undergo electrophoresis, laser detection, and computer analysis. Electrophoresis separation can be viewed on-screen in real-time, and final data can be printed in a variety of formats. This equipment provides a rapid and inexpensive method for deriving DNA sequence from both cloned DNA inserts and PCR fragments.

377XL sequencing chemistries:

3130XL sequencing chemistries:

Program to view and edit ABI DNA sequencing files

For further information contact the DNA Sequencing Assistant Scientist at 352-392-7835, Jing-Da Shi, M.D.,Ph.D.

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